The MOUVment is inspired by strong women pursuing their goals in business. We love what these female entrepreneurs are doing in the Pacific Northwest and we want to share them with you:



Purpose- Retail Boutique

Essentials- Retail Boutique

La Ree- Retail Boutique

Moorea Seal- Retail Boutique

Simply Real Health- Nutrition


Crave Health- Nutrition

Jujubeet- Nutrition

Sift & Stir- Nutrition

Yogabliss- Fitness

Fly Fitness- Fitness


Janine Soltman- Photography

Genevie Kathleen- Photography

Kate Wallich- Dance Church

DJ Ricki- Music Services

bbd fitness- Retail


Backstage Dance Studio- Dance

Cordova- Retail

Fresh Start- Nutrition

Wise Transition- Lifestyle

AZA Yoga- Fitness & Travel